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454,159-TRADE AREA SHOPPERS AT THE ORANGE PARK MALL -  Blanding Blvd. at Wells Rd. and the site of our Sequential - Changing Message Display (CMD).

86,500- BLANDING BLVD’S HIGHEST AADT- (Annual Average Daily Traffic) Between I-295, our site & just beyond the mall. Also, it’s the highest  non-interstate site in North Florida...

23,500 - 47,000  MORE AADT- Than Blanding Blvd North of I-295 (39,500 AADT) or Blanding Bvd. below the Mall at (63,000 ADDT).

605,500 - WEEKLY EXPOSURES- To the total FDOT AADT with 302,750 exposures to one way traffic.

100% AADT COVERAGE-  Only our Sequential CMD System can expose each vehicle to every ad- in the 43,250 one-way traffic AADT.

267% MORE TRAFFIC EXPOSURE - Only our Sequential CMD can expose each passing  Vehicle to your ad for 100% AADT coverage Versus 37.5% for Digitals ( 3 ads per cycle vs 8
= 267%, as 5 of 8 are unseen for a 62.5% loss)

1,688 MORE ADS - Both CMD's have 8,100 each 8 second ads in an 18 hour day viewed in a 1400 ft window at average speeds.. Sequential has 3 advertisers with 2,700 ads each and Digitals 8 advertisers with 1,012 ads each, a 1,688 ad difference.

A SEQUENTIAL AD REAPPEARS EVERY 17 SECONDS - to every passing vehicle for 100% coverage versus 57 seconds if on a Digital for only 37.5% coverage of the AADT since every passing vehicle only has time to see randomly 3 of their 8 ads. This 37.5% is their EAADT (Effective Annual Average Daily Traffic...i.e.their real count).

VARIABLES - These comparisons are on non-interstate roadways where  a 3 ad maximum exposure at 40-45 mph is viewed in a 24 second window by either CMD. Digitals on Interstates viewed at 65-75 mph can only display 1.5  of the 8 second ads to each vehicle reaching 18.75% (It's EAADT) and losing 81.25% of the AADT.

97,313 CAPTIVE AUDIENCE EXPOSURE BONUS - Lighted intersection locations compounds 267% benefit of the 3 ad cycle. (See Brochure Page 2)


 “Excellent For Directions, Branding, and Professional Services”  
Request Comparison Tables and Chart for Details and The Difference Between Our Sequential and Others.


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267% MORE COVERAGE OF THE AADT- by our Sequential CMD ( Changeable Message Display), if compared to the Random Digital CMD at our location.

A CMD has 3 ads in a 24 second cycle and the Random 8 in a 64 second cycle.  On this corridor  there is only a 24 second 1,400 ft. viewing window of passing vehicles (see map).  Both  CMD’s would have 3 ads viewed in that 24 seconds (3 x 8=24).

The Sequential CMD’s capacity is 3 ads so it keeps repeating it’s  3 to every vehicle.  The Random Digital CMD with 8 ads has 5 more remaining and continues completing it’s total of an 8 ad cycle to the other passing vehicles in the remaining 40 seconds of their 64 second  cycle.

Every vehicle passing a Random Digital CMD is exposed to 3 of its 8 ads, but not the remaining 5 for a
37.5% coverage of ads for vehicles (37.5% x 41,750 = 15,656 vehicles) ,or it's EAADT (Effective Annual Average Daily Traffic) and a 62.5% loss ( 62.5% x 41.750 = 26,094 vehicles).  The sequential has none of these problems and exposes all 3 ads to every car for 100% coverage or 267% more than Random (100% ÷ 37.5% = 267%)

to Work

25%-46% - LESS than the cost of nearby static billboards for the same coverage. We have one on Blanding at Argyle, also with an 83,500/41,750 AADT.

225%-280% - LESS than the cost for enough
Random Digital CMD’s to match our one Sequential CMD’s AADT coverage of 41,750.

4: 1  RATIO - It takes 4 area Random Digital CMD locations to match the 41,750 AADT of our one Sequential CMD due to their 37.5% EAADT and  their own much lower trafficked locations.  A Random CMD can only cover 37.5% of any non-interstate AADT.

LOWER PAYMENTS - We use 12 equal monthly payments annually versus the 13 annually by others.  Ours would decrease 8.33% if changed into 13  payments annually. That’s close to $200 per month difference.

LOWER CPM’S – (COST PER Thousand – Exposures) Why pay $3.41 Per CPM with a Random Digital versus $1.72 for a Sequential?  The sequential will always be lower just based on the 267% more exposures, the 4:1 ratio coverage difference’s in the local area and the 62.5% AADT loss.  Don’t accept a Random proposal without clarification it is using 37.5% of the AADT.

Location - Location  - Location

AADT-Annual Average Daily Traffic



ADDITIONAL AADT VIEWERS PER VEHICLE- MALLS, THEATERS AND RESTAURANT AREAS: Added to the highest area traffic count are more viewing passengers per vehicle than other areas with the Orange Park Regional Mall and I-Max Theater with Cinemas across the street. Plus, over 100 eating establishments with in a small radius.  Various statistics are available.

VARIOUS CUSTOM SURVEYS AND WEIGHTED CONCEPTS AS EOI, GRPS AND ROIS: They are designed to help improve the concepts used by the outdoor industry to strengthen its role in the market.  We coined the acronym EAADT out of necessity to show our advantage.

7 TIMES FACTOR- THE OLD CARDINAL RULE OF ADVERTISING: A basic part of human nature is you have to see it seven times before you would buy it.  It takes three times to become interested. The more you see it the more your retention and interest is. Only the Sequential CMD provides 100% exposure of every ad to every passing vehicle every day! The Digital CMD can only reach passing vehicles with a random unknown 37.5% of its’ adds daily.  To repeating local passing traffic it can be days or weeks before every vehicle sees your ad! Non-local traffic cant miss your ad(s) entirely.



Blanding Blvd. is the "Gateway" into Clay County featuring the only mall West of I-95.  The short corridor between the mall and I-295 is the highest trafficked non-interstate roadway in the top half of Florida allowing billboards.  We have two locations on this corridor.

•    Increases the mix & reach of all your media-synergisticaly
•    Attracts drive-bys, builds social media and websites too
•    More exposure, repetition & recognition increases branding    
•    Creates awareness in a churning market of new people
•    Decreases problems of out of sight and out of mind too
•    Excellent for professional services and directional info
•    Blanding flows through a large 7 community trade area
•    Intersection with a total of 111,500 AADT vehicles
•    Eyes On, a positive spin for a 37.5% EAADT
•    Only time consumers don't have cell phone distractions  
•    Best method for reaching practical area of response    
•    A turn of the wheel now or a planned next trip visit    
•    Medium that others can't turn off, change or play with
•    ROI will vary depending on the items price.
•    It's all about the location, AADT and intersection views

AADT-“Annual Average Daily Traffic”-by FDOT…
CPM -“Cost Per Thousand”-of AADT or vehicles does not include lighted Intersections.
With lighted intersections the CPM’s would be less.


Also, it takes four (4) Blanding Blvd. or area digitals to create  the same AADT coverage as our one Trivision, but costing you $6,000 retail or $4,500 on a package deal.  Why not spend much less and get more....


What would you rather have: an ad exposed to passengers in 100% of the passing AADT or just an un-guaranteed 37.5% of them? Would you like a guaranteed 100% exposure of your sequential 2700 daily ads or an un-guaranteed random chance of how many of your 1,012 ads will be seen!



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